Intended for men, the Yankee Buck Boot by Woolrich footwear was designed to pay homage to classic workwear boot styles from the turn of the century. Although a bit serious in profile, during this time of year the look is more sensible than steampunk and I find myself reaching for these boots when shoveling snow, running icy errands to the home depot, and for other seemingly un-sexy city slicker activities.

Located on Selby Avenue near the Cathedral Hill neighborhood Idun (pronounced Eee-dun) is manned by Dahlia Brue and stocks a contemporary assortment of minimal, well-made clothing for women. Brue is a keen example of the power of a woman with a hyper-sharp aesthetic. Possessing a true editor’s eye, Brue buys for the store and was also responsible the interior’s unique design. With lines like YMC, Samuji, and Rachel Comey represented, the shop is unique for it’s playful brand of minimalism and sophisticated restraint.

Tumbleweeds and traffic cones, roadside pumpkin stands and bloated roadkill, angry longhorns and exclamation-point-peppered billboards, endless roads and quickly-approaching tarmac, epic mountains and expansive prairies, pastoral mid-western bedroom communities and austere west Texas ghost towns … this is what made up the better half of my September through November.