Intended for men, the Yankee Buck Boot by Woolrich footwear was designed to pay homage to classic workwear boot styles from the turn of the century. Although a bit serious in profile, during this time of year the look is more sensible than steampunk and I find myself reaching for these boots when shoveling snow, running icy errands to the home depot, and for other seemingly un-sexy city slicker activities.

Trying to remember to read : I N T O M I N D.
This blog, written by some enlightened teenager in the Netherlands (I think, she doesn’t provide much of a bio) is a FAN-tastic toolbox for curating a signature AND streamlined wardrobe.

” I believe it’s always the simplest moments in time where I see most clearly, not peering through or beyond, but directly into that instant. It urges me in hushed whispers to write down or photograph the moment so it will become more than a fleeting memory. At this point it’s about quiet listening for the words that fit. Snippets of imagined ideas emerge and the poetic rhythm and rhyme begin to take shape.”