VENTURES: Sam Huff & Meghan Wright Talk Money, Marriage, and Making it Work


Money — and it’s accompanying psycological counterparts — choice, security, independence,  autonomy — are deeply at play in all parts of our life. And all parts certainly include the center of our most intimate relationships. Sam Huff and Meghan Wright are husband, wife, and business partners. Wrapping arms around the needs of both their companies — Tanner Goods and Mazama Wares respectively — while also making marriage (and money) work is certainly no small feat. Absolutely loving this very frank, candid, and honest discussion they had with SuChin Pak on the newly minted financial podcast Open Account.   I love this particular episode for shedding light on how one very real couple has grappled with shifting balances in earning potential, business ownership, and corporate careers while remaining dedicated to one another as well as to their dreams throughout.

Listening to how Meghan and Sam have succeeded, how they have sometimes faltered, and how they hope to grow is both inspiring and sobering. There are successes they’ve had that I think are great practices and worthy of incorporating into any healthy relationship. (Um, regular financial meetings with spreadsheets and wine? Wow. Sign me up.) And of course, there are comments about their moments of weakness that might hit a little too close to home and cause you to re-evaluate some of your own current practices and relationship with money.

Topics include lap dances, spending waaay too much on records, and saving for retirement, so listen up.If you are working on building a life with someone you love, or working to improve your own personal relationship with money, I think you will find some really good stuff here.

*photo courtesy of trnk nyc blog