DENIM: Levi’s Authorized Vintage


This fall, Levi’s releases their newest capsule collection for true denim diehards. Wholly separate from their already wildly popular ‘Levi’s Vintage Clothing’ line — the collection boasts vintage pieces from the company’s archive that have been customized and refurbished for a new generation of denim enthusiasts.

As the trend for embroidered embellishment and vintage patina in the denim industry continues, the collection consists of cherry-picked  iconic styles from the company’s archive that have been lovingly repaired to vintage perfection.

Partnering with LA-based design and denim think-tank Lot Stock and Barrel, the collection includes bespoke cut-offs, tapered 501’s, and Orange Tab 517’s in addition to more iconic styles like the 505 and the 1970’s Type II Trucker Jacket.

Levi’s Authorized Vintage pieces are now available for purchase at the flagship Levi’s Market Street store in San Francisco and at their recently-opened concept store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The 3,000 square-foot Williamsburg space will carry other exclusive Levi’s products and boast a bespoke tailor shop for any type of denim customization your heart desires. My advice if you visit? Bring your credit card.

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