VIBES: The Small Faces

Formed in East London circa ’65, The Small Faces were a seminal English mod-rock band that created pioneering sounds for four short but explosive years.

For their very first and extremely raucous 1965 single ‘Whatchya Gonna Do About It,’ band members Steve Marriot, Ronnie Lane, Kenny Jones, and Jim Winston borrowed heavily from seminal American soul and R&B artists like Otis Redding and Bobby Bland. The group’s unique blend of soul-based guitar riffs coupled with call-and-response choruses garnered them immediate attention within the London mod-rock scene.

The group’s sound evolved in 1968 with the release of their cult-classic concept album — ‘Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake’, an album that would pave the way for the tripped-out psychedelia of the early ’70s. Don’t let the weird name fool you — it’s an acknowledged masterpiece and a treasure not to be missed. Raw, beautifully arranged, and wholly interesting. Although not nearly as well-known as the Who’s ‘Tommy’ or the Beatles ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club’ I would argue this record is better than both. It’s expansive, rich, and incredibly expressive of a unique time and place in music history.


Up until their break-up in 1969, The Small Faces would go on to record numerous ground-breaking songs that formed the backbone of what is now known as early psychedelia. And man, were they good. All one has to do is listen to the groove in ‘Come on Children,‘ the instrumentals in ‘Grow Your Own,’ or the watery guitar riffs in ‘Afterglow (Of Your Love)‘ to really start feeling the funky vibes these dudes were seriously layin’ down.

If I could go back in time to see these guys play a set live, would I?
Hell yeah. And If I owned the DeLorean that could swiftly bring me there, below is what I would wear. Rad dance moves sold separately.


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