GEAR: Filson’s Northwest Cowichan Vest

Alright ya’ll, here’s the deal — it’s not officially winter until the cowichan sweaters come out. Here’s a real nice one from our pals in the Pacific Northwest that the ladies in your life can really wrap themselves in. Encourage her to wear this vest during family photo-ops for a hefty dose of seasonal cheer. Or, if she’s the sporting type, perhaps she’d rather rock this bad-boy out on the trail hunched over a campfire?

And if she’s hunched over her iPad streaming Hallmark holiday B-movies instead? That would be pretty fitting too. I’ll defer judgement. Consider topping the look off with the accompanying cap. You know, to really drive the whole theme home.

Screenshot 2015-11-16 17.55.05Screenshot 2015-11-16 17.55.15Screenshot 2015-11-16 17.55.29

Northwest Cowichan Vest ($395) and Eagle Cap ($95) in Light Oatmeal. Filson.