DESIGN: New Logo Ideas

With a new identity and name for the blog there comes a need for a new visual identity as well. And so Saturday night I stayed in, watched the debate, and gathered some inspirational work from folks much more talented than myself to develop a mood for the new logo. Where do you go to find inspirational design? I find that the work of certain forward-thinking brands are a good source for inspiring imagery, and I also get a lot of inspiration from artist/designers like LAND. Plus I love trolling behance for inspirational portfolio work. And the rabbithole that is instagram never fails to bubble-up inspirational design from both design super-stars and relative newcomers.



WorkByLand WorkByLand

olthunderbird workbyland

JakeOlThunderbird JakeOlThunderbird JakeOlThunderbird

From Top To Bottom:
1. Logos in Black Vol. II by Chris Trivizas.
2. Logos 2014 by Oscar Bastidas
3. Portable Fireplace Candle by DS&Durga
4. The Natives by Josh Griggs
5. Large Barrel. Oil and Metal
6. Denim Flag. Selvedge denim, chain-stitched embroidery,  by LAND
8. Patch Sampler. Aged Cotton, chain-stitched embroidery by LAND
9, 10, 11. Various Pieces by Jake of @olthunderbird