WEAR: The Mission Handkerchief From Finisterre

If you’re an enthusiast of good design, amazing art direction, ethical clothing consumption, or any combination of the above, you should really be paying attention to Finisterre.

Combining kick-ass marketing collateral with an inspiring message and fantastic sport-fueled design, this UK-based brand offers up an immaculate collection of outdoor gear every season. And while they are first and foremost a cold-water surf brand, their insulative wool underwear, slick parkas, and utilitarian anoraks have their place in the closet of any outdoorswoman.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 17.55.36

Screenshot 2015-11-13 17.50.49

My favorite piece this holiday season has to be their Mission Handkerchief. A decidedly Cornwall take on an American classic, designed by their talented in-house designer Todd, with whom I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing earlier for the blog.

The handkerchief is a print in three classic colors — blue, white, and red —  that’s been lovingly designed to depict both waves, ship’s wheels, and solitary surfers within it’s paisley depths. I love the originality and playfulness of the design. And as a fan of the brand, the handkerchief seems like an ironic insider-y wink. Boys should get one because sometimes girls cry or sneeze and chivalry isn’t dead. And gals should get one because they look cute around ones neck and are also extremely useful as a way to wipe the sweat off of ones girlish visage. I’ll take all three please.


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