GEAR: Fall Blanket Round-Up from Woolrich

One-hundred-and-eighty-five years ago, Woolrich Woolen Mills was founded in Dunnstable Township, Clinton County, Pennsylvania. In 1830, the purpose of the original mill located in Little Plum Run was to manufacture fabrics for the wives of the loggers, trappers, farmers, and other intrepid types of the upper Midwest.  And from humble beginnings,  it didn’t take long until  John Rich and his durable goods were synonymous with remarkable quality, longevity, and handsomeness .

 Minnesota has been blessed this year with a warmer-than-average November. I’ve been really enjoying these warmer days, as it means I can go on my runs in the afternoon without completely freezing, and have been able to put-off the hassle and expense of winterizing my truck just a little bit longer.

However, the unavoidable fact of November in the upper Midwest — and one that must be prepared for–  are the shorter days and darker nights. So cue the binge-television watching and weekend hibernating! And while brands like Woolrich got their start kitting people out for adventures out-of-doors rather than in, I think their latest round-up of Made-In-The-USA blankets make  suitable couch companions  indeed.

From Top To Bottom:
1. Woolrich Woolen Mills ‘Roaring Branch Jacquard’ Blanket, $197
2. Woolrich Woolen Mills Sherpa Overlook Pass Blanket in ‘Deep Indigo’, $175
3. Woolrich Woolen Mills ‘Morningstar’ Blanket in ‘Pine’, $197
4. Woolrich Woolen Mills Pacific Crest Trail Blanket, $185

Woolrich Blankets

Woolrich Blankets Woolrich Blankets

Woolrich Blanket 4