MUSES: Kate Worum

I first met Kate Worum at a party, one where I knew very few people. She was sitting across from me on a couch, nursing a beer and wearing very red lipstick and very dark jeans. I was immediately drawn to her droll wit, her infectious laugh, and her ‘absolutely-zero-fucks-given’ attitude of brazen confidence.

I needed a friend to talk to in a real bad way, and so I commended her for her taste in footwear (she was wearing these fantastic stiletto suede booties,) and then Kate replied and said she liked my Stetson. Boom. Friendship solidified. We continued to talk for the rest of the night through at least three beers a piece, a patio break, and a chilly walk to a neighboring bar once the party was getting too loud and too crowded for our personal comfort.

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A graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Kate works for Target in trend research and development by day, and her side hustle is comprised of a steady stream of freelance illustration work by night. Kate’s personal projects are where her flippant and freewheelin’ sense of humor really come out to play – (um, hello boob-print wallpaper) and every piece she creates never fails to put a smile on my face or a spring in my step. A breath of fresh air, this one.

kate worum kate worum kate worum kate worum

Elizabeth:What’s does a perfect night in mean for you?
Kate: Exactly what I did tonight – clean a little, redecorate a corner using whatever happens to be laying around, and finally – relaxing. Que the bubble bath, face mask, and essential oil diffuser.

E:What do you wear in order to really get your creative juices flowing?
K: In public? Lipstick, something with pattern and color, and shoes that I can really move around it. At home, it’s usually the biggest t-shirt I can find with pants of the pajama-jean variety and a bun as close to the front of my hairline as possible.

 E:Hypothetical time. You can draw only one thing for the rest of your life. What are you stuck with? 
K: Portraits. There are so many unexpected details to pull from every personality. Whether it’s illustrating something you know like the back of your hand or just observing someone you’ve never met before through a photograph, it’s always a fun challenge trying to find those unique details of a person and then bringing them to life. 

E:Dream commission?
K: A piece for the New Yorker  — to name one of a ton.

E: What have you done in the past year that you’re the most stoked on? 
K: I’m finding that just making what you want attracts like-minded people and projects, so I am the most proud of finally making time for myself in 2014. I hope that 2015 brings lots of collaborations – with people that just want to make cool stuff.

+ photo of kate: dan madsen of dusty signs