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A creative and meaningful life — this is what everyone wants I think, and yet somedays, that inspiration and that meaning seem far out of reach. Due to constraints on either our money or our time or both, we begin to soften and settle for circumstance.Not Jade Antoine.

“Oftentimes I’ll get up in the morning with the idea for a piece and I’ll have to finish it.” This was Jade describing her morning workflow to me over the phone. We connected a couple months ago after I saw her work and ached to know more about the woman responsible.

A  self-taught artist who describes herself as an outsider to the art world,  Jade’s output and vision is prodigious for one with no formal training.

Possessing what Jade describes as a ‘freedom from visual constraints’ all of her prints have an innate buoyancy and enthusiasm that is difficult to miss. Her work is therefore a true reflection of experience — growing up in the Four Corners region of the United States —  and passion — for the natural environment and Western iconography.

For now,  her home is Los Angeles, where she makes a  life through freelance work and her own personal projects. Most recently,  Jade’s work will make their way into a capsule collection of t-shirts, slated for release this April. Mitra Khayyam of Shop Midnight Rider  has curated an impressive array of talented thought-leaders for this latest product release. Jade’s work, alongside that of Jay Carroll (One Trip Pass) and traveling troubadour Joe Fletcher will surely make up a heavy-hitting dose of rag-tag Americana one would be bummed to miss.

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