READ: Week of December 14th 2014

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I still remember leaving for a trip to Portland, then returning from my trip to Portland, coming home, opening the mailbox, shuffling through the catalogs and the bills, and then finding to my dismay that the Hennepin County Library System had walloped me with a one-hundred and seven dollar overdue fine for things I had sitting on my shelf that I had forgotten to return over the course of my trip.  

Ouch. The next day, I walked in to my local branch —  checkbook ceremoniously in hand, and paid in full.

I imagined my late fees  being funneled towards reading hours and puppet shows for underprivileged children, or perhaps towards community ed classes that taught seniors how to use Microsoft Word better, or better yet, maybe even towards full season boxed DVD sets of This Old House.

Imagining this, the blow of  my charges were softened, and I began to feel almost heroic in my carelessness. Can tardiness be counted as a public service?

Here’s what I’ve checked out from the library this week. The crazy rad photos and design inspiration is keeping me hot under the collar even though it’s frigid outside.