WRITE: State of the Union, 1965


“The answer was waiting for me in the land where I was born.

It was once a barren land. The angular hills were covered with scrub cedar and a few live oaks. Little would grow in the harsh caliche soil. And each spring the Pedernales River would flood the valley.

But men came and worked and endured and built.

Today that country is abundant with fruit, cattle, goats, and sheep. There are pleasant homes, and lakes, and the floods are gone.

Why did men come to that forbidden land?

Well, they were restless, of course, and had to be moving on. But there was more than that. There was a dream — a dream of a place where a free man could build for himself, and raise his children to a better life — a dream of a continent to be conquered, a world to be won, a nation to be made.

Remembering this, I knew the answer”

President Lyndon B. Johnson
State of the Union address, 1965