DENIM DIARIES: Levi’s Station to Station


Last Thursday Levi’s Station to Station arrived in my hometown. True to form, I had brought my little sister along.

At one point during the evening we were separated.  Embarking on a sisterly search, I walked towards the door, looking for a short bobbed head of hair among the crowd of hip eighteen to thirty-four-year-olds.  Instead I found my new friend in his Folk Fibers shirt.

“Hi Elizabeth. You enjoying the show?”

“Yes, ” I answered. “But I’ve lost my little sister.”

“So that’s where your twitter handle comes from.”
He laughed, then his face changed to show genuine concern.
“Do you think she went outside?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. ”
I anxiously crumpled the plastic cup that was still in my hand.
“I actually have no idea.”

“She can’t be too far.”  He paused.
“Have you seen the Makers Yurts?”

“Of course. They were the first thing I saw.”

He jerked his head back in the direction of the yurts, their lights even brighter from our dim spot near the sound stage.

“Let’s go back there then.”


Once inside, we stood in silence, arms crossed, watching the newest Makers video, this one featuring Josh Gilman’s Slowpoke Leather. We were surrounded by items that could have only been created by people truly taking their time.
I’m not a maker – not yet. But I still have a gift I can give and a craft I can perfect every day – right mindfulness.
Remaining vigilantly present – difficult indeed, but I’m working on it.

There are thousands of  routes towards the temple of truth- being a maker is just one. Find a mentor and  heed their advice. Remain persistent on your path. Start now slowpokes! Dallying is not recommended.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 12.37.32 PM
Artist Jay Palmer weaving scraps of cone mill denim in the Maker’s yurt.

Not long after entering the yurt, my sister walked in.
“Hey, I’m hungry,” she said. “Are you?”
“Yes, very,” I answered. I was hungry, maybe just in a different way.
“Don’t worry,” I said, swinging my arm around her. “I gotcha.”

Oldr Sistr Station to Station
A Levi’s Barstow Western – sartorial icon since the 50’s -reinterpreted with a Folk Fibers quilted patch. I can’t wait to attend the workshop Maura will be hosting at her home in the fall.
During the train trip, makers in the yurts had begun placing original Chimayo weavings on the backs of some Big E Jackets. Soaps from Marfa Brand, Tote from Forestbound. Old Warhorse Moccasins, Accessoties from Barret Alley and Litmus.
During the train trip, makers had begun sewing original Chimayo weavings onto the backs of vintage Big E Jackets. Soaps from Marfa Brand and Tote from Forestbound rounded out the selection. There were also Old Warhorse Moccasins and accessories from both Barret Alley and Litmus.
Erick of Junkyard Jeans caught the vintage bug in college and was never cured. His chainstitch embroidery can be found select Levi's neighborhood stores.
Erick of Junkyard Jeans caught the vintage bug in college. Apparently he was never cured. His chainstitch embroidery can be found at select Levi’s neighborhood stores.
Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 12.43.41 PM
Interested in the artisans whose work Levi’s is spotlighting, the photos I took focused on the newest stories from the Levi’s Maker’s Project.
Vests from the Levi's SF Tailor Shop, Cobra Rock Boots and other handmade pieces in the Levi's Icons yurt.
The vests and Beacon Blanket tote were all made in the new Levi’s San Francisco Tailor Shop. Note the  Cobra Rock Boots, my absolute favorite.