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the Shop Mille studio

On a Wednesday in April near the Foundry I crossed paths with two girls wearing oversized silk blouses and ankle boots. One of them looked familiar. She was wearing lots of delicate gold bangles and many rings on long willowy fingers. We started talking. I asked the one who looked familiar what she did.  She nodded before speaking and her whole head of wavy blonde hair swayed. “I’m a blacksmith,” she said.  Suspicion confirmed. Immediately I placed her. She crafts beautiful jewelry for her brand Another Feather.

Hannah Ferrara, this self-described BlackSmith, was staying in Minneapolis’ North Loop over the weekend as she and her team worked to host a Kinfolk Workshop. This time the theme was  ‘Flower Potluck.’

Do you know how to host a Flower Potluck? I didn’t. Here’s what’s up.
One: Locate Charming Space. Invite Friends. Forage for Flowers. Bring Flowers to said Charming Space.
Two: Art-Direct your Invited Friends. Collect all Foraged Flowers. Display them. Preferably on something wooden and handmade.
Three: Step back. Enjoy your handiwork. Munch on rustic consumables. Instagram all of it.

the Shop Mille Studio
the Shop Mille Studio
Juniper Ridge, Earth Tu Face, Object and Totem, Rachel Comey. Shelving by Marvin Freitas
Juniper Ridge, Earth Tu Face, Object and Totem, Rachel Comey. Shelving by Marvin Freitas

The Mille studio was the location for this April workshop, and the space adheres to mostKinfolk aesthetic stipulations, it being both understated, unassuming, and superbly, simplistically styled.

Owner Michelle LeBlanc is a self-described  ‘Army Brat’ who moved around a lot before spending most of her formative years in Austin. Minnesota folk tend to settle here and stay, sometimes resulting in a slightly sleepy retail scene.  A shop-owner with an upbringing as exotic as, say, Texas is a welcome respite. Heidi Merrick anoraks, bags from Forestbound and Mansur Gavriel totes, wood thickets from Cheeriup and  pastel-colored ankle boots from Dieppa Restrepo — everyone who enters wants to move in.